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United States Based Industrial Supplier and Manufacturer of Sanding Abrasives, Tools, Gloves, Janitorial and Dust Extraction.

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Industrial Automotive Sanding & Finishing

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Put yourself ahead of the curve: with products of high caliber and quantity it's a wonder you're just now hearing of us. Well, better late than never they say (they being our competition), as we only deliver on time and/or earlier. NPS sits atop a throne of pride when it comes to doing business with our valued customers. We specialize in fitting your needs. We have driven millions of miles to make ends meet for our customers and not just the big folks, small and new as well. Our quality allows business to produce beautiful finishes and detail in their everyday manufacturing. The people over at Northern Processes & Sales love chatting and won't hesitate to get you the best product for your business needs. We have new inventory that comes out yearly (many copied by big industry. see our suction, holed sandpaper and diamond discs. Don't worry we take it as a complement) and a strong dedication to current products as well. Most importantly, Northern Processes & Sales will be in the supply industry for the long run, and intends to stay, as we have been in the industry for well over 25+ years.

Alternative Energy Sanding & Finishing

NPS is an integrated industrial supplier with a qualified and highly motivated team of partners. Each partner has over twenty-five years of experience as a supplier of abrasives, tools and dust collection expertise to the global industrial automotive, surface-prep and finishing industry. Over the years we have built a solid reputation on solving our customers’ most difficult surface preparation problems. We partner with our customers to successfully solve these problems in order to create relationships that are beneficial to both.

Specialized services & products

The NPS team specializes in incorporating the industrial industry with the dust extraction industry, putting forth an hoenst effort to promote industrial growth using an environmentally competent approach. Here at Northern Processes we look to tackle that “Go Green” motto. With up-to-date, OSHA certified dust collection systems, Northern Processes & Sales also remains a leading company in providing our customers with sufficient tool conversions, providing suitable sandpaper and overseeing and teaching workers how to properly use the dust collection systems.

With safer and less-hazardous working environments, the industrial production of our customers’ companies will provide an innocuous work place for its employees and an environmentally friendly company that OSHA seeks to stimulate, which overall creates better and more efficient industrial manufacturing companies.


As a small business, we dedicate ourselves to our customers, making satisfaction our prime contingency. Without our customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today, making them our most importan assets to our business.


Our Advantage.

NPS partners with its customers, allowing  them to realize and identify concerns that exist in procuring necessary production and non-production facility items. We do this based upon specific needs of each customer. Some of our advantages are:


Product Standardization

We work with all departments within each facility to standardize as many products as possible
By utilizing the most efficient and cost effective methods available in the industry, we are able to improve specific processes within all operations


Inventory Control Specialists

The ICS assists plant personnel with inventory control and the replenishment of materials
The ICS is an on-site NPS employee who coordinates through e-commerce with our home office to maintain specific levels of product and equipment
The ICS will work with our customer’s purchasing dept. to identify savings opportunities through such methods as pull systems, visual aids and other cost savings idea

Other NPS advantages:

Automated inventory control system
Just-In-Time shipping
Kanban Shipping
Pull Systems
International purchasing
NPS branded products


Dust Extraction systems

Dust extraction abrasives

Air tools, accessories & tool repair

Wiping materials

Sanding pads

Finesses materials


Gloves, janitorial, tapes & films, packaging, buffing, poly bags & more

Northern Processes & Sales Industrial Supply

We want the world to run like a well-oiled machine, strong and dedicated to manufacturing, like our company. Pushing ourselves along with our customers, we choose to stay ahead of the curve and be original rather than to be a follower. Come witness our vision in motion by being a part of it.

Our Vision

        Looking for a competitive price? We haven't been beat yet. NPS works with minimum overhead putting us ahead of them. NPS sells direct through vendors and is an OEM on certain product as well. On average NPS has saved 15% of base cost to our customers across ALL competitors (large and small), with major savings in abrasives. Our quality is backed by our master OEM machinists and our reputation from customers and community speaks volumes. Not sure how to feel about Northern Processes? Don't be shy; give us a call or email and we can set up a demo or send samples of our expansive wares and if you like the product, which we are certain you will, we can draft up a personal catalog at our lowest prices guaranteed.

Quality done right at an inexpensive and saving price.

We offer a broad, quality portfolio of industry standard and unique sandpaper pads, sand paper, hand tools, dies, grinders, suction housing, air-cleanup suction systems, packaging, tool lube, finesse, buffing, finishing, piping, edging, maintenance, janitorial and custom hose whips. Our leading designs cater to all your needs. Backed by a strong and happy customer base, we ask you to come aboard and join them to find out what it takes to be competitive in the 2010's.

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Marine Sanding & Finishing